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Geo SubSea can support many different tasks for projects in all of these industries, from field work to the office.

  • Energy


    Oil & Gas

    • Pipeline Inspection
    • Platform Decommissioning


  • Transmission


    • Feasibility, routing, inspection


    • Feasibility, routing, inspection
  • Water


    • Reservoir capacity studies


    • Intake siting
  • Wastewater

    Treatment & Discharge

    • Outfall siting
    • Outfall pipe inspection
    • Effluent mapping
  • Transportation


    • Channel maintenance


    • Pre- and post- surveys
    • Disposal sites


    • Scour studies


  • Infrastructure


    • Channel deepening, expansion
    • Waterfront, construction, inspection

    Shoreline Protection

    • Beach replenishment
    • Protective structures
  • Environmental


    • Sensitive area studies

    Water Quality

    • Turbidity surveys
    • Sampling

“I would recommend Jeff and his team in the highest manner possible in support of any marine geological, geophysical, or geotechnical endeavor.”

Bill Wenger, Area Manager, Durocher Marine, Division of Kokosing Construction Co.

Offshore Wind Capabilities & Projects

Trusted expertise from start to finish

  • Capabilities

    • Procurement: develop scope of work, bid review, evaluation, and contractor negotiations
    • Development: prepare pre-survey documentation for federal and state agency submittal as well as tribal pre-survey meetings to satisfy project requirements
    • Planning: pre-survey logistics, mobilization, survey planning to maximize efficiency, and review of survey contractor required documents (PEP, HSE, ERP, etc.)
    • Implementation: Health and Safety plan, proactive HSE work environment; protected species observers and mitigation, fisheries liaisons/observers
    • Management: effective communication to coordinate all members of the project team across numerous time zones; supervise complex field programs including data acquisition, processing, analysis, interpretation, and product development
    • Interaction: strong familiarity dealing with state and federal agencies, adept at coordinating projects across multiple scientific disciplines, excellent collaborative skills
    • Quality Assurance: ensure high quality survey data and products for the best scientific information; handling, organization, and archival of significant volumes of data
    • Performance: specialized analyses and interpretation of geophysical data; subsurface paleofeatures associated with past coastal environments, benthic habitat mapping, sediment mobility studies, and ground model development
    • Production: technical reports to support government submittals; SAP, COP, and state documents; synthesize data and interpreted results into coherent and readable site characterization reports; deliver technical documents, charts, and digital data to agencies
    • Representation: effective communication of results to the client and agencies
  • Clients, Associates & Projects

    Copenhagen Offshore Partners and Vineyard Wind

    Iberdrola and Avangrid Renewables

    • Kitty Hawk OWF

    Deepwater Wind, Block Island Wind Farm


    • Bay State Wind
    • Revolution Wind
    • South Fork OWF
    • Ocean Wind OWF
    • Skipjack OWF


    • NY/NJ Wind Energy Areas

    MMT Sweden AB

    • Rentel OWF (Belgium)
    • Borkum Riffgrund II (Germany)

    University of Maine, Aqua Ventus I Project

    Cape Wind Associates

    Dominion Energy, CVOW Project

    Epsilon Associates

    Wood Thilsted

    ESS Group


    RPS Group


    OARS Group

    RC Goodwin and Assoc.

    Gray and Pape


    Project Consulting Services

Geophysical Applications

Tasks common to many industry projects

  • Water depth measurements and bathymetry modeling
  • Surficial sediment mapping
  • Environmental support; benthic habitat mapping
  • Identification of surface obstructions
  • Mapping of existing utilities; cables and pipelines
  • Inspection of existing infrastructure
  • Geologic mapping, surface and subsurface
  • Subsurface investigations, geophysical and geotechnical
  • Pre- and post-construction investigations
  • Marine archaeological studies
  • Environmental remediation support
  • Linear routing feasibility

Shipwreck image courtesy of Tiburon Subsea