Vineyard Wind Project, Offshore Massachusetts

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Vineyard Wind is in the process of building an 800 MW offshore renewable energy project located approximately 13-25 nm south of Martha’s Vineyard on the inner continental shelf. The project is on step to become the first large scale offshore wind facility in the United States. Offshore surveys supporting initial feasibility studies, state and federal agency requirements, as well as internal engineering and design, have been performed since 2016. The aggressive timeline of the project, connection, commitment, and investment to area communities, and local experience of team members with strong ties to businesses and people in the region have placed the project on the forefront of all the New England offshore wind projects.

Geo SubSea combines its expertise and knowledge of the marine survey industry with years of experience on other US east coast offshore wind projects to serve as the field program manager and supervise most aspects of the Vineyard Wind offshore programs. As an integral part of the team, Geo SubSea provides a seamless interface between the survey contractors, wind developers, and government agencies to distribute scientific information efficiently to meet the demanding schedules that are commonplace in the industry. This particular area of the east coast presents some challenges for project construction, mainly for the submarine export cables which must navigate through some variable geologic and oceanographic site conditions around the islands and in Nantucket Sound. Sediment types vary considerably and strong tidal currents shape the seafloor. The cable industry has dealt with these factors before, so the components will be designed, engineered, and installed to withstand the physical environment for the life span of the transmission line and beyond.

Geo SubSea is excited to be a part of the offshore renewable energy revolution in the U.S. and play an important role in bringing these projects to life.