Supporting Teams in Submarine Geology & Oceanographic Studies

Jeffrey D. Gardner, President

Geo SubSea, LLC was formed in 2015 to meet the consulting needs of the offshore industry and marine survey marketplace, where there is always a demand for senior level, highly experienced personnel capable of supporting complex offshore engineering projects.

34+ Years in the Offshore/Survey Industry

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Overall Experience

Projects Completed All Over the Globe

Owner & President Jeff Gardner and his team have experience in most aspects of marine and freshwater survey projects having supervised and conducted hundreds of surveys in the US and around the world. Geo SubSea’s broad background provides any project team with the experience to support geological/geophysical, geotechnical, oceanographic, and environmental studies involving a wide range of methods and instrumentation.

While continuing to support survey efforts, Geo SubSea’s role has naturally evolved into client representation, where developers and engineers reap the benefits of the company’s knowledge and unique skill set.


Studying Coastal Processes

Geo SubSea’s specialty includes the use of geophysical methods to study coastal processes, marine sediments and stratigraphy, underwater archaeology, and benthic habitats. The company has extensive experience on a wide range of marine engineering projects including offshore energy (wind, LNG, power, communications) and associated submarine cables and pipelines, beach replenishment and shoreline stabilization, dredging, search and recovery, inspection of man-made features, environmental compliance, water resources, and wastewater discharge. Geo SubSea is also familiar with oceanographic data acquisition which is commonly paired with geological investigations, as the interaction of currents, waves, and tidal forces with the seabed create a constantly changing submarine landscape that can impact the stability of man-made structures.


Post-Survey Support

Geo SubSea is equally experienced at all phases of post-survey data processing, analysis, interpretation and product development. We work closely with the client to determine the most suitable method of presenting the survey data/results and conveying important information in a timely fashion. Quick turn-around of results is critical in this industry today, as subsequent phases of projects hinge on the accuracy and reliability of the acquired scientific information. Geo SubSea staff have authored more than 300 technical scientific reports on marine survey results.

Jeffrey D. Gardner



  • B.S. degree in Marine Geology from Southampton College
  • M.S. degree in Oceanography from Old Dominion University


  • Professional Geologist, State of New Hampshire (2002)
  • Certified Professional Geologist, American Institute of Professional Geologists (1997)

Geo SubSea has a multitude of contacts in the industry whose expertise can be drawn upon to help support your project.  Years of experience have resulted in many collaborative partnerships and close working relationships.

We believe in playing an active role in

Supporting & Promoting Environmental Sustainability

  • Our Vision

    We believe it is our duty to leave the planet in better condition for our children, foster all pursuits of green living and environmentally friendly options for common tasks that are an everyday part of our profession, and to play an active role and be an integral part of projects helping society today, especially those projects that promote sustainable use of the earth.

  • Our Values
    • Ethical and responsible business conduct
    • Client relationships based on integrity, respect, and caring
    • Safety first by nurturing the proper HSE mindset
    • Reduction of environmental impact
    • Pursuit of excellence in every task performed
    • Responsive and open communication with clients

“Jeff’s knowledge and expertise associated with remote sensing geophysical surveys are only surpassed by his tenacity to get the job done.”

Ronnie Gourgeot, Project Manager, Project Consulting Services, Inc.

Community Support

Committed to Giving Back

Geo SubSea actively supports scientific education and helps organizations that provide unique programs to assist all members of our society. Our volunteer work includes guest speaking at regional elementary, middle, and high schools in addition to colleges and career expos. We also give time to Special Olympics, the Boys and Girls Club, area environmental cleanup groups, and historic preservation societies.