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  • Wesleyan Block Island Wind Farm Trip

    Published: 18 April 2022Geo SubSea News

    Geo SubSea recently organized a field trip to the Block Island Wind Farm for the Wesleyan University Renewable Energy Course ENVS 344, taught by Dr. Rosemary Ostfeld. Fantastic trip out of Point Judith aboard the Lady Frances. Staff presented that information to the students on the trip out, then had many fruitful discussions on the wide range of topics we are all familiar with that dramatically affect these projects (glacial geology, archaeology, benthic habitats, EFH, permitting, engineering, etc.).  Everyone had a great time!!

  • GSS Featured in the Middletown Press

    Published: 6 April 2022Geo SubSea News

    April 6 press release by our local newspaper. Nice general shout out to the community letting them know what we’re doing. Not technically sound on all fronts but meant to focus on local businesses contributing to the community in some significant way. Educational and environmental outreach programs are a big part of what we like to do locally to be involved.

  • CCSU visit by Geo SubSea

    Published: 19 November 2021Geo SubSea News

    Jeff Gardner was given the opportunity to speak to one of the Central Connecticut State University geology classes taught by Dr. Jennifer Piatek (COVID protocols in effect). He talked about the types of surveys that are performed in support of offshore wind development and other industries, how the students may be able to pursue a path toward a marine geology career, and immediate options available to them in the work force upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree.  Students and a number of professors attended in-person at the school, with online attendance reaching other area universities such as Wesleyan. Giving back to the community by offering our knowledge and experience to local students is an important part of our company outreach.


  • IPF Conference Attendees, Richmond, VA

    Published: 27 August 2021Conferences

    Jeff Gardner and Hallie Graves attended the International Partnering Forum (IPF) 2021 offshore wind conference held in Richmond VA at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center.  The event is hosted by the Business Network for Offshore Wind and is one of the largest conferences for the industry. This was the first one back in-person, so it was exciting to see everyone, despite trying to wear masks and social distance. It was better than remote!  Always worthwhile having time to chat with fellow industry movers and shakers, both long time collaborators as well as new faces. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Rockfall Foundation property clean up!

    Published: 25 April 2021Geo SubSea News

    Organized by the younger crowd at our Middletown, CT office, with no prodding from older staff :), Geo SubSea personnel descended on a really nice stream side property in Middletown to help get rid of trash discarded by passing motorists. Group included Liz Spielman, Brett Young, Zoemma Warshafsky, Jeff Gardner and wife Laurie. We loaded up the bed of Jeff’s Tacoma until it was overflowing and took it to the Haddam transfer station the next day, recycling as much as possible. Appreciative of everyone’s effort and willingness to go out and perform community support after work hours. Thank you all!!

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